Rap Legal Advice – Ain’t No Ordinary Article

Yo, listen up, I got some legal tips for you,
From prenuptial agreements to COVID relief law too.
Wanna know ’bout prenuptial agreement in Alberta?
I got you covered, no need to falter.
When it comes to tax credit overpayment written off,
I’ll help you out, no need to scoff.
Check the federal air marshal physical requirements,
If that’s your dream, I’ll give you the ingredients.
Wondering if universal life church marriages are legal?
I’ll break it down for you, no need to beg.
Need an applicable law and jurisdiction clause example?
I got your back, no need to sample.
If you’re feeling lost in the covid relief law,
I’ll help you navigate, no need to withdraw.
Wanna understand the definition of law in biology?
I’ll give you the lowdown, no need for an apology.
Curious about Indiana helmet law?
I’ll lay it out, no need for a brawl.
Need to know the CRA business name change process?
I’ll guide you through, no need to digress.
And lastly, if you’re confused about mistake of law vs mistake of fact,
I’ll clear it up, no need to overreact.
So there you have it, legal advice in rap,
I hope this helps you avoid a mishap.